Coworking & Flex Workspace Marketing

Trusting your flexible workspace marketing plan and CRM strategy to an agency with limited knowledge of the industry can waste large sums. With over 10 years experience, we have developed a specialized marketing strategy bespoke to flexible workspaces. 

At its core is an understanding of the marketing challenges faced by space operators and the industry know-how to target, reach, engage and convert potential customers, coworkers and businesses and corporates as required. 


Set up or audit of your online digital reach to include website SEO analysis, Google My Business, Google Plus, content marketing strategy, email marketing strategy, social media strategy and platform selection and paid promotion options on social, google other engines.


Placement of your space with all major channel partners to include traditional brokers, web brokers, shared office web portals, value added resellers, network promoters and market place providers locally and worldwide.


We will set your space up your CRM and marketing software platform tailored for your flexible workspace and provide training to your sales & marketing team to enable them manage enquiries and track and follow every lead from initial contact to conversion and beyond as well as market to prospects & leads.


Fully comprehensive review of your sales process from initial contact to conversion with tailored recommendations on sales strategies, lead capture, conversion techniques and channels to market specific to the flexible workspace industry.