Workspace Operators and 3rd Party Networks

Here we focus on leveraging shared space revenues by connecting with 3rd party networks. Uncover local networking events particularly those that touch on enterprise, start up and business growth. These are where your coworking are going to be. Engage with them by taking an interest in their business.

Make contact with your Local Authority, Chambers of Commerce and your local Business Network Chapter. You’d be surprised at how they can benefit you. For example, many Local Authorities run regular enterprise programmes designed to get start-ups and small business going and can recommend you once these business need office space.

Consider offering your Local Authority or Business Network Chapter your event space free of charge for a one off event. This is a fantastic way to introduce prospective clients into your business centre and make them aware of you as an office space service provider. 

Get to know your local solicitors, accountants & tax advisers and suggest an informal referral scheme. Introduce yourself and ask if you can leave some brochures and business cards in their waiting areas. Many of their clients could be clients.

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