Setting up and growing a Coworking Space Requires a Community Focus

Key to setting up a coworking space is the ability to harness the value of your coworking community and generate customer loyalty, encourage referrals and increase retention.

Consider following your coworking clients on Twitter & adding them to your circles in Google Plus. Keep an eye on their social media activity and engage online where you can by congratulating them on any new milestone their business may have reached, welcoming a new member of staff or re-tweeting them where they have added value in some way, for example if they have published a great article or shared interesting content. Tip: Twitter allows you to create segmented lists of people you follow which eliminates the need to search your entire timeline for your clients. 

As you're B2B, you could also consider connecting with your coworkers  on LinkedIn and don't be afraid to support them by re-posting and promoting their own content on your own page. Consider "who's here now" software for the shared space.

Remember that loyalty can only be generated organically and over time so when you're engaging your community, resist any urge to overtly self-promote.

Provided you are following the "give rule" and adding value each time you engage your coworking office clients will become your social media ambassadors. Ultimately, when they leave your co-workong space you will retain them as your alumni, likely to refer you to others and reuse your external services such as meeting room, event space and VO.

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