Online Marketing Ideas For Coworking Space Managers

If you manage a coworking or shared work space then you may be curious to find out what online anddigital marketing strategies actually work for coworking spaces.

We’ve experimented with all of them and here is our list of the best tried and tested methods:-

Live Chat

If you run a coworking space then you absolutely must implement this on your website. It was made for coworking, particularly as many potential new members don’t actually know what coworking is all about just yet.

Live chat is a optional pop up box that rests at the bottom of the web page which prompts the user to engage in an online chat with a sales representative. While testing, we were shocked at the level of uptake by web visitors – in all, about 20% of site traffic. It really seems that more and more people prefer not to speak or wait for a reply to an email. The underlying desire is to get answers there and then. Instantly.

Live chat doesn’t feel spammy and you can tailor how it functions. For example, it can sit at the bottom of the page with a small text heading saying “chat now” or you can also set it to pop up after say, 30 seconds of page viewing. If the user engages, an instant messaging chat begins where your sales rep responds in real time to questions about your space and membership packages. The software also allows you to incorporate links, attachments and canned responses in the chats.

You can even choose tailored messages to appear depending on which page the user is on. For example, the drop in space page, or the virtual office page, you get the idea. Oh, and be sure to add your coworking space logo and a pic of the sales rep on the tool bar so it all looks and feels legit.

The Google Adwords Display Network

Okay, so you will need to spend a bit of time getting to know this one but it’s worth it. It works best in two ways. The first is by creating an audience list in your adwords account which, over time, generates list of visitors who have viewed your coworking space website in the last 30 days. You can also go granular and create a list of visitors who have viewed a specific, identified web page.

You’ll then need craft a display add (google makes this easy with templates based on your site), set up a campaign where this ad is marketed to your audience list. Once your list is populated with a thousand or so users (which may take time depending on your web traffic), you can re market your display ad to them across the Google Display Network. The Network comprises a huge number of websites to include news and other popular sites that have agreed to allow google to serve display ads on them.
You can also create your own audience for display re-marketing by uploading at least 500 of your own permission based email addresses to google adwords. If those email addresses are associated with a gmail account which adwords recognizes, then google will present your ad to those account holders on its display network.

Facebook Paid Promotion

We’ve tried Twitter ads and also Pinterest and Instagram but we’ve had by far the most success with Facebook. It just seems to work for coworking spaces.

Facebook allows very specific audience targeting through paid promotion. For example, you can serve your ads to a start up business in early stage development or freelancers who may need a virtual office or meeting room use. A well crafted Facebook Ad campaign will also drive web traffic & generate likes and shares which some potential member (rightly or wrongly), may use to judge your ability at generating a true community.

What’s magic is that using email addresses, you can also create an audience of lost leads in a similar way to the google display network audience list. Facebook will use the email addresses you provide to see if any of them are associated with a Facebook account. If so, yep, you’ve guessed it… Facebook will serve up your ad to your contact on their news feed. A great example of how re-marketing should work. Thanks Facebook.

Email Marketing

Okay, this one is obvious I hear you say. We’ll it’s worth a more detailed look because as a coworking space operator, you already have a unique and trust based email connection with your member. Email marketing can leverage this connection by highlighting new products, events and special offers whilst providing high value content. You can also use email to remarket and reengage with lost leads. Don’t just send one newsletter, segment and tailor them to resident clients, shared work space clients, virtual clients, new leads and prospects. A word of warning, avoid abusing the valuable trust with your member and ensure that each email you send adds generous value for the member.

And the usual suspects…


Quality and relevant content is crucial for great SEO as it drives valuable organic traffic, encourages social sharing, creates online authority and generates user confidence. By publishing valuable and consistent content on your website many readers will direct their attention to your services. Show off your industry know how and prepare keyword rich unique content so that it is exclusive, bespoke and optimised for conversion.


Ensure that search engines can find your website, that you are ranking highly for relevant search keywords and your workspace location and that your content is optimised to bring in maximum web traffic. Audit of your website for things like ease of navigation, calls to action, strength of lead generation and existing site visibility/ website architecture.
Making online marketing a priority over traditional offline advertising methods is now a primary factor in the success of any coworking space. Done correctly, it will allow the independent operators to compete on the main stage and go toe to toe with the larger players.

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