Engaging with office brokers

Office Brokers and channel partners now account a significant portion of serviced office leads and should not be ignored. The good brokers will have a strong database of suitable prospects that they can point in your direction, are familiar with market and can provide pricing guidance for your particular area and space. 

Brokers provide are "paid for" leads and typically charge a fee of 10% of the initial term payable on signed conversions. We recommend working with a chosen few and keeping in regular contact with them.

To get the best value and to reveive good quality leads you should understand that office brokers are motivated by conversions and signed deals. Get to know your chosen brokers and invite them over for a tour so they can convey your particular business to their clients with full knowledge of your space, your services, your terms and centre amenities. Ensure a good relationship by responding to all leads. Keep your centre at the front of your brokers mind by regularly touching base and actively seeking leads

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