Email Marketing For Workspace Providers

mail Marketing is a fantastic way to enhance your brand andseek to upsell to existing office clients as well as remarketing to lost leads, promoting special offers and discounts such as meeting room coupons or free trial days and even offering leads a mention as part of your sales strategy. The value will be in your email database and your CRM should allow you to collect and harvest these emails for marketing purposes. Always ensure that email addresses used for marketing are permission based.

Segment your lists and prepare target emails for each segment. Take for example people who enquired but never took a tour of your centre and then went cold. You could prepare a specific email newsletter just for them with, for example a first month free or other promotion. Reserving these generous offers for specific categories and “remarketing” only to them reduces significantly your exposure to loss and greatly increases your chances of conversion. 

Most email newsletter platforms also have email auto generation where you can (carefully) compose a chain of emails to be sent out in increments to chosen subscribers. For example, if a new lead signs up to your newsletter you may choose to send a series of two or three emails to them over the course of a few weeks.  Key to this strategy is that your emails must add value to the user and not directly sell to them.

Be sure to use the 1 of 3 rule in email newsletters whereby you "give" at least three times and "take" or "ask" just once. An example of this might be to compose your newsletter with two or three pieces of interesting content which your recipient is likely to benefit from accompanied and just one sales promotion. Also be consistent with your newsletter and start as you mean to continue. At Zelmar we can design, prepare and deliver your serviced office marketing emails for you.

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