Developing an e-commerce Website for Workspace Operators

Virtual Office purchases, Meeting Room reservations and Day office bookings easily lend themselves to e-commerce whereby prospects can discover, choose and purchase online from start to finish, without the need to speak to you or your team.

Facilitate this on your website by investing in an ecommerce platform where your potential clients can easily buy a virtual office, day office or meeting room reservation online. Enhance this with a website which has with strong calls to action, an easy way to contact you and a seamless e-commerce user experience.  Many off the shelf e-commerce products are available and can be added on to your existing site. At Zelmar, we can point you in the right direction.

Make sure that your website is also discoverable on Google and other search engines by checking the site architecture, generating keyword strong content and relevant third party links. Use a web analytics tool such as google analytics to discover volume and behaviour of traffic on your website and to measure your efforts and optimise for best results.

Consider identifying some of your existing occupants with their logos under the heading "Our community". Also, consider joining a professional body such as the BCA and display their logo on your site and at your premises.If your centre is modern, consider commissioning a video tour and embed it on the home page of your site.

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